WalkAbout3d 允许 SketchUp 用户以全屏实时漫游的形式探索他们的设计——只需按下一个按钮。 WalkAbout3d 具有标准的浮雕立体支持。它还允许您将 SketchUp 设计打包成可以作为实时可视化共享的格式。

您需要访问 Walkabout3d 网站并下载主程序并在安装插件之前先安装它。
作者:Ed M.
WalkAbout3d allows SketchUp users to explore their designs as a full screen real-time walkthrough – all at the press of a button. WalkAbout3d has anaglyph stereoscopic support as standard. It also allows you to package your Sketchup designs into a format which can be shared as a real-time visualisation.

You will need to visit the Walkabout3d website and download the main program and install this first prior to installing the plugin.

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