Skalp 被设计和构建为易于使用但功能强大的实时剖面工具。它代表了实现长期梦想所需的关键缺失功能:在 SketchUp 中创建令人惊叹的平面图和立面图。

Skalp 开发团队扎根于建筑和 3D 软件,但这并不意味着 Skalp 仅适用于建筑师或专业用户。如今,SketchUp 被用于许多学科。这就是为什么我们希望 Skalp 尽可能“通用”。这意味着我们不想更改或破坏您的特定工作流程。

“我们认为 Skalp 应该尽量尊重你在 SketchUp 中所做的一切和方式,并简单地提高你创建出色绘图的能力。”



作者:Guy W.
描述:Skalp 被设计和构建为易于使用但功能强大的实时剖面工具。它代表了实现长期梦想所需的关键缺失功能:在 SketchUp 中创建令人惊叹的平面图和立面图。\nSkalp 开发团队
Skalp has been designed and built as an easy to use yet powerful Live Section Tool. It represents the key missing features needed to realize a long standing dream: Create your stunning plans and elevations inside SketchUp.

 The Skalp development Team has its roots in architecture and 3D software, but that doesn’t mean Skalp is for architects or Pro users only. SketchUp is being used in so many disciplines nowadays. Which is why we intended Skalp to be as ‘generic’ as possible. This means we do not want to change or disrupt your specific workflow. 

“We feel Skalp should just try to respect whatever and however you’re doing in SketchUp and simply boost your ability to create superb drawings.”


Skalp S​ections

Automatic hatch patterned cross sections.
Live updates, all model changes are tracked on the fly.
​Use Styles to remap the look in each scene.
Fully supports nested groups and components.
Supports multiple drawing scales in one model.
​Neat user interface

2019 Skalp for SketchUp