Sketchup 的 Burkhardt Leitner

Burkhardt Leitner Sketchup Extension 可帮助您使用 Burkhardt Leitner 产品以最简单的方式在更短的时间内完成更好的项目。

它使您可以轻松访问 3D 产品模型,打开预定义的起始文件,并在 Trimble Sketchup 软件的项目中生成包含项目代码和数量的产品报告。

为了与此扩展一起使用,属于 Pila Petite 和 Pila Fabric 系列的产品已上传到 3D 模型库平台,具有易于使用的功能。

此扩展与 Windows 和 MacOs 兼容。


在报告窗口中,您可以单击 Excel 图标。在 Windows 上,它将打开创建 report.csv 的文件夹。在 MacOS 上,它将使用默认应用程序(数字、excel 等)打开 report.csv 文件。

您可以使用“打开集合”按钮浏览到 Burkhardt Leitner 产品集合。从这里您可以下载组件并在模型中使用它们。

Burkhardt Leitner Sketchup Extension helps you to make better projects within less time in a simplest way with Burkhardt Leitner products.

It provides you to reach the 3D product models easily, open pre-defined starting files and generate product reports with item codes and quantities in the projects in Trimble Sketchup software.

To be used with this extension, products belonging to the Pila Petite and Pila Fabric collections have been uploaded to the 3D Warehouse platform, with features that provide ease of use.

This extension is Windows and MacOs compatible.

This extension has a reporting feature for listing the products in the project with item code, name and material information. You can use the “Create Report” button to generate a report of those components. It will automatically detect overlapping components, and select them if there are any. Then it will ask you if you still wish to continue.

On the report window, you can click the Excel icon. On Windows, it will open the folder where the report.csv is created. On MacOS, it will open the report.csv file with the default app (numbers, excel etc.).

You can use “Open Collections” button to browse to the Burkhardt Leitner product collections. From here you can download the components and use them in the model.

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Sketchup 的 Burkhardt Leitner